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Personnel training

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personnel training


Personnel training

Company uphold the aviation industry “technology oriented” concept, has always been to training as a first starting point to improve the company's core competitiveness, according to the actual needs of work, in accordance with the ISO9000 standard to establish and perfect the system of personnel training.

Personnel training is divided into three levelspre job training, on-the-job training and continuing education.

Pre job training: let new employees understand the company, familiar with the process, enhance the sense of belonging. Organized by the company's human resources department for a month closed training, the main content is to introduce the company's basic situation, management system, product categories, business processes, corporate culture and so on. Carry out outdoor development training and other activities.


On job training: on the job training to improve job ability.

Mainly take the form of mentoring

Organize specialized technical backbone to carry out special technical lectures

Send excellent staff to further study and study in professional training institutions and excellent enterprises both at home and abroad

Attend professional exhibitions and academic exchanges.


Continuing educationmainly to update, supplement, expand and improve the knowledge and skills of professional and technical personnel, further improve the knowledge structure, and improve creativity and professional skills.

Companies in accordance with the needs of the job, select outstanding staff to Wuhan University, Huazhong University of Science and Technology, studying for a master's degree, obtained a degree after signing a five year service contract, tuition reimbursement by the company.