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Generator with Electrolytic Brine

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Generator with Electrolytic Brine


LYB Sodium Hypochlorite Generator with Electrolytic Brine

The sodium hypochlorite generator with electrolytic brine is used a certain proportion of brine from the deployment. Under the action of DC electric field, the sodium hypochlorite solution in the electrolytic bath is prepared with high activity, which can kill and disinfect the microorganisms and fungi in water efficiently.

Widely used in inland cycling water, chemical, petrochemical circulating cooling water, water source of raw water, water disinfection and domestic sewage, sewage and other water treatment hospital sewage treatment fields.


Principle of Work

The NaCl in Seawater or brine is used as electrolyte in the electrolytic chlorine system, through the DC current electrolysis to produce a certain concentration of sodium hypochlorite.

The basic reaction that takes place in an electrolytic cell

Anodic chlorine gas precipitation



Cathode hydrogen precipitation

2H++2e=H2 --------②

In which Cl2 deposited on the anode is dissolved in the electrolyte to form HCl and HClO, the H2 precipitated on the cathode generates OH-. Because there is no septum between the cathode and anode, that is to complete the homogeneous secondary chemical reaction. The total reaction is:



Generator with Electrolytic Brine